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Judging – why do it?

Picture Source: Thank you to Ken Huang for sharing his photo on Unsplash


According to the Cambridge dictionary, to “Judge” is to form, give, or have an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully. I agree with this, as it is technically, what a “judge” must do. Be that for a court of law, at a sporting event, fashion show or for an awards programme as I am. It’s from this perspective that I share my views.


Judging companies, teams, personalities and entries can’t happen without context and deciding why you like something. This for many will sound rather obvious; even so, the fact is there is more to judging than what “meets the eye”. You yourself will feel and experience a gear change.


Taking on this responsibility and giving something back to industry and to the many professionals you meet on your metaphoric road to judging – has been the key driver for me. Therefore, I became a business awards judge.


Metrics are just as important as personal insights & experience and you will have a framework to guide you through this. Each time you take on such a responsibility, you will independently read and securely go through each entry…guaranteed you will learn something new.


If you have a Business-to-Business, Consumer-to-Consumer or a mixture of both – your experience will bring something new to the team. Ready to change gears? – find out how to get involved here.

By Hina Sharma

Hina is a seasoned communications and marketing expert at Pitney Bowes working with teams to deliver on the challenges of company transformation, reputation management & building a strategy to achieve business goals. She helps shift company perceptions to build business reputation & grow brand awareness. Her business & commercial insight ensures a heightened focus to lead, shape and build on client needs across various geographies and markets, both internally and externally of an organisation. Hina believes different and diverse experiences add to personal learning and building company culture.