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Being ‘Judgey’ and it’s allowed!

As an entrant in a variety of awards the whole experience felt really daunting. I had this theory that those who judged the awards were somehow a different species to the rest of us humans. That was when I decided to take the leap and apply to be a judge myself and find out the truth. 


I have now been judging for the last few years and this year was lucky enough to be a Head Judge at the UKCXA. (I am not worthy) 


Like my fellow colleagues of The Judge Club this is a fantastic opportunity to network with a wide range of  people all passionate about customer experience who I wouldn’t normally meet in my day to day business life. It is a privilege to see and hear from the finalists and share the excitement and joy of the ceremony and I get to learn about new and innovative thinking.  


It is our collective ambition to dispel the myth about judging and the awards process being elitist and scary. Professional and progressive is the aim and I would urge anyone considering becoming a judge to just do it.  Get involved and find out just how rewarding it really is. As I say in the tile – where else can you be ‘Judgey’ and its allowed.

By Carole Campbell

Carole is a creative, positive and passionate customer service manager focused on delivering a world class customer engagement. Extensive experience in customer service across the automotive and banking sectors covering the end to end customer journey, cross function integration programmes and internal brand engagement. Adept at building strong working relationships with a ‘One Team’ approach ensuring everyone knows how they contribute. Carole brings personality and positivity in all situations and believes people are the only differentiator in today’s market.