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Why become an Awards Judge?

So, what keeps me so enthusiastic and committed to judging – Is it the opportunity to network, identify prospective clients and contacts? No not really – we all know the facts & figures about referral. Is it the opportunity to catch up with like-minded friends & colleagues & meet new people? There are lots of other ways to do this. Is it “wanting to give something back”? (good old Maslow & his hierarchy of needs!) Lots of other ways to do this too!


While these are all real & tangible benefits to becoming a judge, my reasons are mostly emotional – just as well when we consider that 84% of buying decisions are emotionally based.


I feel proud to be part of an elite – but not elitist. A group of people who are supporting individuals & Companies, who are making an investment in their customers & employees experience. I feel challenged to keep up with innovations, trends & challenges that affect our businesses, so that I can continue to be an effective judge. I feel valued by Awards International & my fellow judges through initiatives such as The Judge Club Advisory Board, both central & local networking events, webinars & more! I feel proud to help & support current & potential future finalists with supportive feedback & insights into “what makes a winning entry”.
And … it’s fun!

By Maggie Colman

Maggie brings over 25 years’ experience in the Telebusiness and Contact Centre sectors. Her enthusiasm and drive energises those who work in these fields so that they want to excel, and her ability to pass on her expertise ensures they have the skills to do so. As a result, sales teams bring in significantly higher levels of new business and customer service teams drive up satisfaction across the existing customer base, increasing both customer retention and customer loyalty.