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I judge because…

I learn from other people. I love learning more about businesses and how they work. And finding out about their successes is a true joy.

I believe in celebration. When we learn about teams that have made effective changes, we are celebrating their skills, perseverance, and successes. And that’s before we get to the ceremony.

I am inspired. By sharing their stories, successes, and learning, all entrants give ideas and encouragement to others to make changes in their businesses.

So, whatever the awards, whatever the category. I love judging.

Of course, that becomes more pertinent when I judge in CX categories, but I love the interface between digital, change, and CX. Judging with Awards International never fails to deliver on all fronts.

Stand-out stories for me:

The Ugandan government department showed so much empathy, care, and talent in protecting its members during COVID-19 that every judge had to wipe their eyes.

The Yorkshire couple decided to make washing up liquid in their kitchen and now run a multi-million pound, environmentally sound business.

The big corporation lives Customer Experience in their every product, service, and touchpoint.

The man who decided to support a divorcing couple and has disrupted an industry that was complacently letting them down – another tear-jerker.

The safety product manufacturer listens to customers and continuously improves how they work to delight them.

The chemical company that set a CX strategy as part of a merger used CX to build a customer-centric culture.

And as corny as it might sound – every single finalist who comes to tell their story with pride, whose people smile when their work and results are recognized, and who reinvigorates and refreshes the judges.