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5 Things You Need To Achieve Your Goals and Make a Difference In a Changing World

Today as we look at the business world, we all have an opportunity to make a difference.
Whether you are a business owner of a small or medium size enterprise, or working for an employer, regardless of your title in your organisation – YOU make a difference.
Maybe you have a dream of something you want to achieve in the foreseeable future. It could be to launch your own business, scale your existing business to the next level. Whether you want to grow your team, develop a new product or offering, whatever it is……. We have good news for you.
As a business growth consultant, I have found that there are 5 things you need to achieve your goals and make a difference in your world.
These elements are as important now than ever — in our changing, uncertain world.

1. A strategy for success

According to research, no or poor strategic planning is one of the top 3 reasons why companies fail. Never underestimate the power of vision and strategy. Together they can be a powerful force.
A vision is just a dream without a plan. Strategic planning is a must when it comes to building a and scaling a business, an opportunity, a product, team.

2. Support and Encouragement

You cannot do it alone. We know that teamwork makes the dream work.
All the changes in our world over the last year has proven that collaboration is here to stay – working together makes us smarter together.

3. Accountability

Often in business we need a mentor, a trusted advisor to talk things through with — someone outside of the immediate setting, someone who can look at opportunities and challenges with a fresh pair of eyes, to not only bring strategic insight and support but also to keep us accountable to our goals and plans. As a business growth consultant, that is exactly what I do for my clients.

4. Flexibility

Innovation and agility are very important. For instance, Awards International and The Judge Club adjusted from a very much “live in the room” model to an online presence. This is innovation and agility at its best. It shows the great leadership of Neil Skehel and his team.
During these changing times, opportunities have increased for some. Geography is now history. You do not have to be in the same location or country to serve your client. Around 50% of my clients are now international. The world has changed. You need to change with it.

5. Action

Highly effective people don’t wait and see – rather they MAKE and SEE.
Many companies are now looking at scaling their business. Recent research also shows that more companies are now looking to increase their teams over the next 12 months. They are not waiting – they are making things happen.

We want to support your business growth and success.

At the Judges Club, we want to support every Judge to be as successful as they can be in their business.
Therefore, we are now launching The Judges Club – Business Growth Group that will help business owners and leaders like yourself develop the 5 elements above and achieve lasting business success.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to empower and equip The Judges Club Members with a strategy for business growth and success. We want to help you scale your business.

Our Purpose

We want to provide a rich resource of content, wisdom, insight, support, strategy, and experience for business owners to scale their business for growth and success. Also, those with a leadership and management role to develop their strengths and those of their teams, so that everyone has the support they need for career progression.

A Group You Can Count On

Our business growth group will be a community that provides interactive training, discussion, support, collaboration and sharing of resources for each other’s success.
This community will also be a safe environment to discuss personal business challenges and remedies.
We know that the more we engage, the more we can add and takeaway.

We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month from 12-1.15pm.


Our Culture

We know the importance of having a healthy culture if an organisation is to be successful. The culture we will look to build is:

  • Respect for each other.
  • A focus on completing and not competing against each other.
  • Encouragement for everyone to bring their very best to the table. We are stronger together.
  • Collaboration with our strengths for the benefit of each other. As I work with businesses, I have too often noted that with good leadership talent does not come and GO – Rather it comes and GROWS.
  • Fostering growth, a strong and positive mindset, developing the talents within each other.

I am honoured to have been asked to lead this – The Judges Club, Business Growth Group.
So if you are a small or medium size enterprise and would like to benefit from being part of this elite business group, which will provide a rich resource for growth and success, please do let me know at

By Tony Lynch

Tony Lynch is a business growth consultant, mentor and coach. He equips people and businesses for growth and success. Tony works extensively with small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) developing strategic growth plans to close the gap between expectations and results. This leads to greater effectiveness, leadership development, team engagement, performance, productivity, and profitability.