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Our Members

Who are our members

Global professionals and business leaders from diverse industry backgrounds, who have Judged at Awards International events.

Experts who keep up to date with current trends, who are aware of exclusive initiatives developed within various organisations, and who themselves have a passion for innovation.

Industry leaders who can make a difference by investing time and knowledge for the benefit of fellow TJC members.

Some of the most prominent influencers in the key areas of business best practice, customer and employee and digital experience.

TJC provides a platform for these business professionals to get together with the exceptional group of experts with whom they can work on problem solving activities and achieve the goals they set.

What our members say

"I love participating in TJC Networking Meetings because it is refreshing to learn and share ideas from like-minded individuals. Being in business can be lonely and finding people who share your pain, passion and success can be hard, TJC provides a perfect platform to meet such people and collectively we all grow.

I also enjoy judging at AI events because it's fantastic to see innovative business taking part. I have been judging for 2 years now and it's simply been amazing, I have met some incredible people and come across some fantastic businesses."

Abid Khan
Riverdale Insurance - Senior Partner

"I always find it an insightful and valuable day judging, discovering what firms are doing to put the customer at the heart of their business, together with tackling the issue of complaints.
The process of judging is made easier due to the information, support and organisation of Awards International.
I will definitely be back next year – making that 4 years in a row!"

Helen Pettifer
Helen Pettifer Training - Director

“I’ve been judging awards for Awards International since 2016. For me, regular awards judging is hugely valuable for identifying and understanding trends, both within the entries and presentations and in the behaviours of different sectors and industries. When you judge year-on-year you see how businesses change over time, and you can identify how best practice has evolved to meet new expectations. This gives me excellent opportunities for business development and fantastic networking opportunities with fellow judges and contestants.”

Donna O'Toole
August - CEO