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What’s in it for you?

Connect with business professionals in the field

Build relationships

Solve business problems

Exchange knowledge with members

Stay on top of the latest trends and innovations

Grow your business/profile

Support your professional status

Develop your leadership and management skills

Enhance knowledge with real-life award winning business initiatives

Privacy and Security - be a part of a caring community where you are treated with respect

How do you achieve that?

Judge at our awards programmes

Attend networking meetings

Join special interest groups

Listen to exclusive webinars

Participate in problem-solving workshops

Access case studies

Download our mobile app


TJC events range from social and networking meetings to educational, problem-solving sessions and workshops. Propose the problem and get together with experts to reach an agreed solution by joining special interest group meetings.

LIVE Online meetings
Organised - at least twice a month
Free - unless organised in partnership with third party

Networking Meetings present unparalleled opportunities to connect with fellow professionals hailing from a diverse array of backgrounds, and spanning many industries all over the world.


  • Connect & interact with like-minded business professionals
  • Boost your professional development
  • Develop your leadership & management skills
  • Acquire new knowledge with business experts
  • Exchange experiences with members
  • Add value by participating or speaking
  • Meet potential clients or partners

Workshops will be organised by special interest group Leaders on a regular basis and will enable to:

  • Hear different perspectives from specialists
  • Solve business problems
  • Develop exciting plans with groups of fellow professionals.

Practical workshops promote your business, boost your profile, and enable you to develop your leadership skills and management best practice.

* Events calendar is located in the App and only available to TJC members.

Case Studies

Access to award-winning case studies featuring initiatives implemented by some of the world's premier companies will help keep your finger on the pulse of the very best in business strategy.

  • Case studies are based on real life initiatives that have been implemented within the organisation
  • Each initiative is unique and relevant to current times
  • Comes from diverse sectors and industries
  • Solid evidence of impacts and benefits


Judging at our various Award Programmes through The Judge Club helps you develop as a thought leader by offering you opportunities to:

  • Review the latest innovations developed within world-class organisations
  • Inspire finalists with your insight and advice
  • Help businesses continuously improve
  • Support for your professional status:
    • Obtain CPD points
    • Receive judge certification
    • Receive judge certification

TJC Mobile App

As a TJC member you are invited to download TJC Mobile App. Our App enables you to have your own TJC social media account, through which you can connect with other members, see upcoming events, and share your knowledge by posting relevant content and comments - all in one place! Avail of interest groups, special offers, updates, and notifications.

Available now in Apple, Android and Desktop versions.


  • Individual profiles & groups
  • Connect/post/comment/like
  • Search options
  • Events Calendar
  • Folders
  • Notifications


  • Stay aware of important updates
  • Connect with all members
  • Spark discussion by posting articles and links
  • Share content, including articles and videos
  • Engage in professional development
  • Join interest groups
  • Discover offers and opportunities from fellow members

TJC app is the ultimate networking tool available for business professionals.