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How it Works?

Membership   Open to Business Professionals

Length   12 months from the subscription date

Renewal   each year

Membership Journey


  • Identify the value you can get as a member
    Membership Benefits
  • Choose the Membership Level based on your interest and experience
    Membership Levels
  • Apply to Join by completing the form
    Apply to Join
  • Secure your membership package
  • Download the Mobile App and create your TJC Profile


  • Review your application (we will get in touch if we require more information)
  • Check your LinkedIn to ensure the membership level you chose fits your profile
    *(only in case you chose membership level for judges)
  • Send you the link to secure your membership package
  • Send you the link to download the Mobile App and create your TJC Profile

Our Aims

To provide members with:

  • Unique networking opportunities
  • Insight into best-in-class ways of working
  • Educational and instructive sessions
  • A safe environment to learn, practice and grow
  • Opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals