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Gabriela Ciupitu

Interview with Gabriela Ciupitu CCXP

1. You have been actively involved in judging CX awards. Can you shed light on the significance of judging at such awards and its impact on the industry? First, I would like to congratulate Awards…

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Michelle Spaul

I judge because…

I learn from other people. I love learning more about businesses and how they work. And finding out about their successes is a true joy. I believe in celebration. When we learn about teams that…

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Davies Group

Compassionate customer service: How real-time analytics can power respectful customer journeys

If recent years have shown us anything, it’s that the standard of customer service you offer can be the defining factor for whether organisational success is reached—particularly where empathetic and compassionate interactions are concerned. Nowadays,…

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Jihane Srour - Tehini

Interview with Jihane Srour – Tehini

1. Can you share your journey and how you became a judge? We'd love to know more about your career path. Certainly, I’d be happy to share my journey and how I became a judge for…

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Edwin Best

Let’s break down the silos!

In April 2023 I have held a webinar together with Awards International about silo thinking. Silo thinking is both a global top CX issue and a global top business issue; A bad customer experience and…

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Carsten Ley

Enhancing Customer-Centric Behaviour Through OKRs

The power of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) lies in their ability to generate both immediate results and long-term impacts. We can cultivate a customer-centric mindset throughout our organization by shifting our focus to how…

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Zuleka Kaysan

Unleashing the Power of Agility: A Vital Ingredient for Success in Today’s Business Landscape

Today’s ever-evolving business environment has put forward one crystal clear message: agility is not merely a benefit; it’s essential. But what is business agility, and why has it become a linchpin for modern success? Business…

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Raghav Sarathy

Unleashing the Power of Digital Transformation through Process Mining

In recent years, Digital transformation has become an increasingly common trend globally, gaining significant importance due to the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing adoption of digital solutions by customers and businesses. Digital transformation…

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Zena Al Taher

How can Brick & Mortar survive with the emerge of Phygital Experience

Background With the emerge of new the concepts surrounding the customers’ needs, meeting their expectations then exceeding their expectations, enterprises started hiring people to gather intelligence to better understand the customers’ behaviors, demographics…etc. Then a…

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Faran Niaz

Expert Tips for Judging at Awards

Recently we had a chance to talk to Faran Niaz, one of the most prominent members of our community, and discuss the ins and outs of judging at an awards programme. Read the interview in…

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Ana Veljkovic

Business Communities: Connecting Professionals for Growth and Success

Business communities are individuals or businesses connected by a common industry, profession, or trade. They often come together to share knowledge and resources and support one another in their professional endeavours. Business communities can take…

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Tony Lynch

5 Things You Need To Achieve Your Goals and Make a Difference In a Changing World

Today as we look at the business world, we all have an opportunity to make a difference.   Whether you are a business owner of a small or medium size enterprise, or working for an…

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Ana Belic

How Networking Changed Business in 2020

It was a rough year; filled with the unknown, unexpected crises, uncontrollable circumstances and inevitable change. Many felt the need for support in a way they never have before. I believe it made us find…

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Hina Sharma

Judging – why do it?

Picture Source: Thank you to Ken Huang for sharing his photo on Unsplash   According to the Cambridge dictionary, to “Judge” is to form, give, or have an opinion, or to decide about something or someone, especially after thinking carefully. I…

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Carole Campbell

Being ‘Judgey’ and it’s allowed!

As an entrant in a variety of awards the whole experience felt really daunting. I had this theory that those who judged the awards were somehow a different species to the rest of us humans.…

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Peter Milligan

Making a Difference through Feedback

In 2018, I was invited to judge at the UK Employee Experience Awards (fits my interest & expertise).  As a rookie, I found the process to be rather daunting - I felt a great weight…

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Valerie Howe

First Time Judge, Hints & Tips

Judging for the first time is daunting, here are my hints and tips based on my personal experience. I hope they help...   1. Give yourself plenty of time Give yourself time to read through…

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Maggie Colman

Why become an Awards Judge?

So, what keeps me so enthusiastic and committed to judging - Is it the opportunity to network, identify prospective clients and contacts? No not really – we all know the facts & figures about referral.…

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Ray Harrison

Why become an Awards Judge?

As a keen networker I knew I could utilise my contacts, but that this would be time consuming & in fairness my day job kept me busy. Having attended several awards events during my career…

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Gary Jackson

Benefits of Awards & Judging them

Over the years, I’ve learnt so much from being involved in entering awards, winning awards & more recently being a ‘Head Judge’ at Awards events, that I wanted to share my experiences & try to…

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